All you need to know about Worldwide Combos Season 1!

Season 1 calendar

Season 1 is divided into two parts: the regular season, which will last for 12 weeks (from September 7th to November 29th), and the Worldwide Combos 2019 World Championship, which is expected to last 3 weeks, starting from December 9th. World Championship participants will be selected based on the Season 1 results, but there will also be some last chance qualifiers between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the championship.

The regular season will contain six long tournaments, starting either on September 9th, October 7th or November 4th. Those tournaments are expected to last 4 weeks.

Season 1 regular rankings

Regular rankings will be based on the multiplayer ratings. There will be two separate leaderboards: one for No limit ratings, and one for Tuning limit ratings.

At the end of every "week" (Saturday 00:00 UTC), for every player all ratings will be kept. Players will be asked to play at least 10 rounds per ruleset and per week: if they don't, a 10 points penalty by missing round will be applied to the corresponding rating. Then, the resulting ratings will be added to the player's seasonal score. Note that rounds against the bot, rounds with disconnections, and rounds that are interrupted because of a server restart do count in the 10 rounds quota. Number of rounds played per ruleset during the current week is available on the Welcome tab.

After 12 weeks, the player with the most points in the No limit (resp. Tuning limit) leaderboard is the Season 1 No Limit (resp. Tuning Limit) winner.

Worldwide Combos World Championship

There are two championships per ruleset: one in No limit mode, and one in Tuning limit mode. There will be 8 players per championship, selected in the following way.

  • The winner of the corresponding tournament is automatically qualified.
  • The four players that are not qualified yet with the most points qualify at the end of the regular season.
  • Three players are qualified through last chance qualifies held after the end of the regular season. Players will be divided in three regions (America, Europe/Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Oceania), and one player per region and per championship will advance to the championship.

The World Championship will be played in a double elimination format, seeding will be based on the corresponding ranking, taken right when the regular season ends (end of 12th week). In each championship, the winner will be crowned 2019 Worldwide Combos World Champion in the corresponding category (e.g. "No Limit Bombs").